Located in the hearth of South East Europe, at the doorstep of European Union, Serbia lies on traditional road that has for centuries connected Europe with the Middle East.

Unique in Europe by its policy of “openness to all”, together with the competitive operating costs, highly qualified work force and other advantages, Serbia is an ideal location for companies who are looking for respectable business partners and/or a service hub of both East and West.

The past decade of political and macroeconomic stability has rapidly transformed Serbia into the most attractive business environment and an internationally recognized leader in business reforms in Southeast Europe.


Due to a number of free trade agreements, Serbia has a duty-free exports access to a market of 1 billion people that includes US, EU countries, Russia, Turkey, CEFTA and EFTA states, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In terms of logistics, Serbia is the perfect location for a company to efficiently serve its EU, SEE, or Middle Eastern customers.

Two important European corridors, No. 7–the River Danube and No. 10–the international highway and railroad, intersect on Serbian territory, providing excellent transportation connections with Western Europe and the Middle East.

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